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  • The municipal employees expand their training in electronic contracting (30/11/2018)
    The course was held yesterday, Thursday, November 29 at the Casa de la Cultura 'Pedro Serna'
  • An ice skating rink and a great pre-New Year's family celebration, great novelties of Torrena Christmas (30/11/2018)
    The festivities, for which an extensive municipal program of activities has been prepared, will have the proclamation of the 'Quines' next Saturday, December 8
  • The 'DeCotilleo Festival', nominated in the music awards of the region of Murcia (29/11/2018)
    These awards are delivered on December 11 in Cartagena
  • Staff of the Torreño City Council is trained in occupational risk prevention (29/11/2018)
    Cleaning workers and polyvalent laborers have performed in the neighboring center of Los Pulpites course of 8 hours
  • The IES 'Salvador Sandoval' has this course with two new youth correspondents (29/11/2018)
    They were visited by the Councilor for Youth, Ginés Pérez, and the municipal youth informant, Esther Vidal
  • The Christmas release of flying lanterns in Las Torres de Cotillas will be for the benefit of local AMPAS (28/11/2018)
    This endearing event will take place next Sunday, December 23 (18 hours) in the Adolfo Suárez Plaza
  • The 'Las Torres Commercial Area' presents its awards at its annual gala dinner (28/11/2018)
    'Ferretería Alegría' and 'Muebles Sepúlveda' were distinguished for their long commercial activity and Toñi de 'Joyería Fernández Palazón' was recognized for its retirement
  • Citizens Las Torres de Cotillas denounces an increase in spending on festivities of 73,000 euros at the expense of children's schools (28/11/2018)
    The training considers that the priority of the PP Government team is clear in an election year
  • The great theatrical tradition of Las Torres de Cotillas (27/11/2018)
    By Juan José Ruiz Moñino
  • New edition of the free English courses sponsored by 'Grifols' (27/11/2018)
    Until December 11 has the students who are enrolled in this year 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato to register for this proposal
  • The Torreño government team checks the neighborhood needs of La Loma (27/11/2018)
    He did it last week and tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28 (8:30 pm), he will continue these meetings at Los Pulpites
  • Las Torres de Cotillas is once again the first municipality to approve their budgets (27/11/2018)
    Highlights the reduction in tax pressure, more investments, the increase in social items and those destined to districts and schools, and a greater promotion of physical activity and sports
  • Las Torres de Cotillas, home of a course of rugby monitors of base categories (26/11/2018)
    It will be held next November 30 and December 1 in the municipal field of natural grass
  • "More than four centuries of Torrena brotherhoods", by Juan José Ruiz Moñino (25/11/2018)

  • The march against gender violence in Las Torres de Cotillas gathers more than 500 people and collects about 1,300 euros (25/11/2018)
    The money will go to the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Attention to Prostituted Women (APRAMP)
  • Kike Siscar, tennis player at the 'Las Torres de Raquetas' school, gets his first international title in France (24/11/2018)
    He won both the individual and the doubles category, in a campaign in which he already has nine titles
  • 18 artists from Murcia exhibit in Las Torres de Cotillas to raise awareness about gender violence (24/11/2018)
    The exhibition will be active at the Young Artists Center until tomorrow, Sunday, November 25
  • "Municipal management in a young key" (23/11/2018)
    By Juan José Ruiz Moñino
  • The commemoration of the 'Day for the elimination of gender violence' begins in Las Torres de Cotillas with a relaxation workshop (23/11/2018)
    The program has started today, Friday, November 23 and also proposes an exhibition, a forum, a march and a awareness campaign in local bars
  • Rugby Las Torres loses at the start of the U-18 regional league (23/11/2018)
    It fell to the XV Rugby Murcia by 35-50
  • The archaeological exhibition of Roman remains in Las Torres de Cotillas, closer (23/11/2018)
    The Torreño City Council has presented the project for the study and cataloging of the pieces found in La Loma to request the Ministry of Culture to assign them and create a sample with them
  • The 'Tejuba' Torreño will compete in the amateur theater contest 'Estrella Gil' de Moratalla (23/11/2018)
    It will be with 'La zapatera prodigiosa' on November 24 (20 hours) at the theater 'Trieta'
  • 100,000 napkins will raise awareness in more than 50 bars Torreño against gender violence (22/11/2018)
    This initiative is part of the campaign of the Department of Equality to celebrate the world day against this social scourge
  • The 'Active' program continues to promote physical activity as a healthy lifestyle in Las Torres de Cotillas Participants agree after the prescription by primary health care staff of physical exercise as if it were a medication (22/11/2018)

  • The Torrena children's schools propose a 'school of families' (22/11/2018)
    They will be free and will give various talks whose objective will be to help in their parental functions to the families of their students
  • The Paqui Dólera Torrena, winner of the regional triathlon circuit in the veteran category (21/11/2018)
    The athlete of the 'Ergobike-Manubike' club will receive the award on Saturday, November 24 in Águilas during the Triathlon Federation of the Region of Murcia gala
  • 40 years ago Las Torres de Cotillas said "yes" to the Constitution (21/11/2018)
    By Juan José Ruiz Moñino
  • Mayor Torrena continues her visit to neighborhoods and districts in La Media Legua (20/11/2018)
    Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 21st (8:30 pm), she will continue her round of meetings at La Loma to get to know neighborhood needs first-hand
  • Great concert of the school and the Torreñas music band to honor Santa Cecilia (19/11/2018)
    Held on Sunday November 18 at the Casa de la Cultura 'Pedro Serna'
  • More than 50% of the graduates in International Commerce in the IES 'La Florida' find work (19/11/2018)
    Most of these incorporations take place in the same companies where the students carry out their internship period
  • Las Torres de Cotillas launches direct bus service with Murcia (19/11/2018)
    Has begun today and will allow travelers to move to the capital without having to go through Alcantarilla and Molina de Segura
  • Citizens regrets that Los Vicentes joins with El Carmen to the list of Torreño neighborhoods condemned to oblivion by the Government team (17/11/2018)
    The formation considers incomprehensible that the PP also rejects without credible justification the plan to reactivate the neighborhood presented in the Plenary
  • Las Torres de Cotillas will turn one more year with the celebration of the 'International Day for the elimination of gender violence' (17/11/2018)
    The acts will begin on Friday, November 23 and propose relaxation workshops, an exhibition, a forum, a march and a campaign in local bars
  • López Miras: "Pedro Sánchez crushes and punishes the self-employed and businessmen while the PP works to create stable and quality employment" The president of the regional PP criticizes that the Government of Spain "breaks the growth (17/11/2018)

  • The regional league 'Pro Salud Mental' of futsal goes through Las Torres de Cotillas (16/11/2018)
    It was played yesterday Thursday November 15 in the pavilion of the municipal sports center and six teams from all over the region participated
  • Construction work begins on the canteen of the Las Torres de Cotillas municipal sports center (16/11/2018)
    It will also have public toilets for the users of the facilities
  • National Days of Educational Innovation begin in Las Torres de Cotillas (16/11/2018)
    Organized by the 'Plataforma Serhum' and the 'Susarte' school with the collaboration of the Department of Education, will continue until next Sunday, November 18
  • The school and the Torreñas music band will pay homage to their patron with a great concert (15/11/2018)
    It will be next Sunday, November 18 (12 hours) at the Casa de la Cultura 'Pedro Serna'
  • Las Torres de Cotillas, home of national days of educational innovation (15/11/2018)
    Organized by the 'Plataforma Serhum' and the school 'Susarte', begin tomorrow, November 16 with the collaboration of the Department of Education
  • Citizens denounce that "the City Council continues to endanger road safety in Las Torres de Cotillas" (15/11/2018)

  • The Torreño Francisco José López, silver in the indoor 3D archery national (14/11/2018)
    Achieved second place in the senior category of male composite bow
  • Three golds from Torrena on the first day of the regional tournament at badminton schools (13/11/2018)
    It was held on November 10 at the municipal pavilion 'Mireia Belmonte' with a record of participation
  • The City Council will hire four street cleaning employees thanks to a grant from the SEF (13/11/2018)
    They will be under 30 years enrolled in the National Youth Guarantee System
  • The 'Guardian Police' program trains the students of the IES 'La Florida' on the proper use of the Internet and social networks (12/11/2018)
    He gave a series of talks at the center on this topic last Friday, November 9
  • The Torreño City Council makes it easier for its neighbors to manage the property registry (12/11/2018)
    To this end, it has signed collaboration agreements with number 1 of Molina de Segura
  • 'Huanita', successful work of the 'VII National Competition of Amateur Theater Juan Baño' with three awards (12/11/2018)
    The company 'Theater in Construction' (Elche) took with this work the award for the best show, along with best actor and supporting actress
  • About 200 participants in the day as a family to enjoy the improvements of the trails of the Rambla Salada (11/11/2018)
    It was held today on Sunday November 11 (10 hours) organized by the Department of Physical Activity and Sports of Las Torres de Cotillas , the hiking association 'Los Peregrinos' and the 'Ítaca' scout group
  • The mayor visits the two teachers of the "Divino Maestro" school nominated in the national "Educa Abanca" prizes (11/11/2018)

  • A great day to enjoy the improvements of the trails of the Rambla Salada (10/11/2018)
    It is held tomorrow, Sunday, November 11 (10 hours) organized by the Department of Physical Activity and Sports of Las Torres de Cotillas, the hiking association 'Los Pilgrims' and the 'Ithaca' scout group
  • Mayor Torrena visits neighborhoods and districts to meet neighborhood needs first hand (10/11/2018)
    Has started a round of meetings, whose first stop took place last Wednesday, November 7 at the neighborhood center of La Florida
  • The competition of the 'VII National Competition of Amateur Theater Juan Baño' delivers tomorrow its prizes (09/11/2018)
    It will be in the House of Culture 'Pedro Serna', in an evening in which the local group 'Tejuba' will represent 'Get off the Moor'
  • "There is no blind person, who does not want to see" (08/11/2018)

  • Las Torres de Cotillas will enjoy discounts of up to 75% in its 'VI Fair Outlet' (08/11/2018)
    It starts tomorrow, Friday, November 9, at the Esplanade Maestro Don Ángel Palazón
  • Schoolchildren of the 'San José' school participate in a plenary session at the City Council (08/11/2018)
    The students visited the Consistory of Las Torres de Cotillas on Thursday, November 8 and have even been received by the mayor, Isabel María Zapata
  • The Ministry of Education will collaborate with the national educational innovation days of Las Torres de Cotillas (07/11/2018)
    Organized by the 'Plataforma Serhum' and the AMPA of the school 'San José', will be held from November 16 to 18 with the collaboration of the Department of Education
  • The commitment to "smart cities" By Juan José Ruiz Moñino (07/11/2018)

  • The municipal library 'Rosa Contreras', again awarded in the national competition for reading animation (06/11/2018)
    The 'María Moliner' is convened by the Ministry of Culture and this year has distinguished the Torreño project for the third year in a row
  • The Municipal Choir "Ménade" of Las Torres de Cotillas: eleven years giving voice to a town (06/11/2018)

  • Prize of 4,000 euros in the Christmas campaign of the 'Las Torres Shopping Area' (06/11/2018)
    The Christmas campaign will allow the winner to spend this amount in 48 hours in the stores associated with the entity
  • "Negative to the motions of improvement of our neighborhoods" (05/11/2018)

  • "Sustainable development as a cornerstone of local management in a global strategy" (05/11/2018)
    Opinion article by Juan José Ruiz Moñino
  • About 500 people enjoy the annual food of the local board of the AECC Torreña (05/11/2018)
    It took place yesterday, November 4
  • Discounts of up to 75% in the 'VI Feria Outlet' of Las Torres de Cotillas (05/11/2018)
    It will be held from 9 to 11 November in the Esplanade Maestro Don Ángel Palazón
  • Beginning of a gardening workshop for long-term unemployed people over 45 years (03/11/2018)
    It has a duration of 330 hours and a non-work professional module of 80 hours
  • The students of the workshop of auxiliary activities of warehouse happen to the period of practices (02/11/2018)
    His young participants, minors of 30 years and inscribed in the National System of Juvenile Guarantee, will complete 160 hours in companies of the surroundings
  • The Local Police confiscate 63 pairs of false sports shoes at a market stall (02/11/2018)
    Could have an estimated value in the market higher than 3,600 euros
  • One of the most 'terrifying' storytellers in the municipal library 'Rosa Contreras' (01/11/2018)
    It was free and took place yesterday, Wednesday, October 31, in its children's room to celebrate Halloween
  • The Auroros Torreños sing to the deceased in the local cemetery as tradition dictates (01/11/2018)
    The bell of auroros 'Virgen del Rosario' of Las Torres de Cotillas has met today November 1 with this ancestral custom
  • The Brotherhood of the Blessed Souls of the Towers of Cotillas (XVII Century) (01/11/2018)
    We are immersed in the bridge of All Saints and today they are legion the relatives who visit the cemeteries to honor the memory of their deceased.

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